Fudge at First CPE Trial at WAG

First Q in Full House!
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Saturday was the longest day of my life. We had to get there early to get Fudge measured, even though we weren't entered in any of the early classes - just Jumpers, which was the last class of the day. Of course I couldn't sleep, so I pack him in the car and we get to the place at 6:40 am. Got him measured (he didn't like that, of course), listened to the briefing, and then they started the first class around 8. I took Fudge to the exercise area and we played and he was all full of energy. Then we sat around and watched, then I walked him, then I ate something (even though my stomach was in knots), went to a vendor booth and bought two T-shirts. I volunteered for one of the runs (big deal). Finally around noon they moved on to the 2nd class. Woo hoo. We waited some more, went to the play area again (Fudge wasn't quite as energetic), walked, sat around, I ate some more, felt sick, Fudge was bored, I volunteered again. Finally at 5:00 they set up for Jumpers, and we got to do our run about 5:30. Almost 11 hours after we first arrived. There was one tricky part of the course where I was supposed to get Fudge in the left tunnel entrance, but he took the right entrance (darn!) so we didn't qualify on that run.

Sunday, another day, starting at the same time, but this time we are the first class - Fullhouse (yay!) This is the easier event where you just have to collect as many points as you can in 35 seconds, and it doesn't matter which end of the tunnel they go in. At one part of the course there is a fairly straight tunnel, then a jump, then an open gate leading out and to the parking lot. I decide to avoid that area at all costs. I only need 17 points to qualify for Enthusiast, so I plan my course strategy to get the required points, and maybe a few more, then get Fudge to the table to stop the clock. We are about the 25th dog to run, and he did great. We stayed away from that nasty tunnel area, and we got 26 points in 25 seconds, so we Q'd!!! Yay! Our first ribbon!