Italian Night - Oh, What a Night!!

Jon and Crystal prepare a sumptuous Northern Italian feast in El Dorado
10/24/2009    Menu below
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Italian Autumn Celebration

Miyagi Oysters w/Fresh Horseradish and White Balsamico
Focaccia "Toast" w/Marinated Vegetables & Tyrolean Speck
Lombardian Sparkling Wine from Franciacorta

Emilian Tasting Course
2 & 3 Year Aged "DOP" Parmigiano Reggiano w\12, 25 & 50 Year Aged Traditionale Balsamico
Lambrusco Wine

Piedmontese Faigioli Zuppa
Martinenga Nebbiolo Wine

Cappellaci di Zucca
Sturgeon in near Puttanesca
Martinenga Nebbiolo Wine

Cipollini Agrodolce

Slide Show of Jon and Crystal's Excellent Adventure to Italia!!

Fruilian Fruit in Pastry
Veronese Torcalato Wine by Maculan & Espresso