Kris, Dave and Fudge rent an RV to travel up to Eureka for the HumDOG CPE Agility Trial August 15-19, 2013. We met up with lots of friends from WAG and had a great time!

jamboree_small.jpg readytohittheroad_small.jpg setup_small.jpg beer_small.jpg
relaxingatthepark_small.jpg jazzyourneighbor_small.jpg parkhost_small.jpg insidetherv_small.jpg
fudgekeepingwarm_small.jpg fudgerelaxingintherv_small.jpg kitchen_small.jpg twins_small.jpg
partyatthervpark_small.jpg party_small.jpg party2_small.jpg leggedflix_small.jpg
davegettingsomemunchies_small.jpg thegrillers_small.jpg grilling_small.jpg surprise_small.jpg
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