A trip to Eureka for the HumDOG CPE Agility Trial! Corie, Chuck and Buddy came and we rented an Airbnb house together on C Street in town, about 3 miles from the fairgrounds.

airbnbentrance_small.jpg walkway_small.jpg frontyard_small.jpg front_small.jpg
pathleadingtobackyard_small.jpg path_small.jpg frontdoor_small.jpg frontentryway_small.jpg
livingroom_small.jpg viewintokitchenarea_small.jpg sittingarea_small.jpg kitchen_small.jpg
diningroom_small.jpg viewoflivingroomfromkitchen_small.jpg kitchen2_small.jpg backdeck_small.jpg
backyard_small.jpg morebackyard_small.jpg inarcata_small.jpg arcataandthesquare_small.jpg
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