A surprise trip I planned for Dave's birthday present. We flew to Burbank, where our dear friend Phil picked us up and showed us the town. We stayed in DTLA, an area that is experiencing revitalization and renewal, checked out a great rooftop bar, had a great meal, and the capper was seeing Sean Hayes in "Act of God" at the Ahmanson Theater. Great weather made it a little smoggy, but that didn't detract from a fantastic visit and new appreciation for SoCal.

daveatthestartofthemagicalmysterytrip_small.jpg ourlyftdriver_small.jpg drivingintochinatown_small.jpg drivingbythemusiccenter_small.jpg
viewfromphilsloft_small.jpg daveonlosangelesstreet_small.jpg gorgeoustowertheater_small.jpg upstairsattheacehotel_small.jpg
rooftopbar_small.jpg viewfromupstairs_small.jpg atoptheacetheater_small.jpg alovelydaytobeatarooftopbar_small.jpg
relaxingwithfriends_small.jpg cityhallla_small.jpg hereweare_small.jpg loveallthreeoftheseguys_small.jpg
aftertheshowwalkingbythedisneyconcerthall_small.jpg stoppingfordrinksafterwasamust_small.jpg viewfromourairbnbsundaymorning_small.jpg ourairbnbroom_small.jpg
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