Snorkel/Dive charter with Big Island Divers on April 29, 2016. We were among 15 boats in a cove just off the Kona airport, where a "campfire" of multiple lights is set up on the bottom to attract plankton, which in turn attracted 23 manta rays on this dive. Sooooooo awesome. Pix by E. Ryan Leinbach of Manta Ray Advocates. DO NO HARM

mantarayswimmingoverthecampfire_small.jpg overthediversheads_small.jpg yumplankton_small.jpg upcloseandpersonal_small.jpg
gillsopenandready_small.jpg hungrymantaray_small.jpg bocagrande_small.jpg mantaanddivers_small.jpg
gentlegiants_small.jpg ourraft_small.jpg snorkelers_small.jpg meagain_small.jpg
whatyouseefromtheraft_small.jpg somersaults_small.jpg theycomeveryclose_small.jpg

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